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As Comfortable as a Well-Worn T-Shirt

February 20, 2008
If you like your heroes that are traditionally tall, dark, and handsome with a protective streak that runs wider than a five-lane freeway, Jacqueline Frank’s debut novel Jacob is the book for you. If your ideal hero possesses a strong moral compass, don’t miss out on this book. If you need a break from reading plot heavy romances where the life or death situation continually hangs over the reader’s head all the way up until the very end then Jacob is a must read.

In my opinion, Jacob could easily be either a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ kind of book. The first in Frank’s Nightwalker series, it introduces the race of characters. Though strictly in the paranormal sub-genre, I must admit that Frank has not carved a very deep niche in distinguishing herself from others. In Jacob we’re introduced to the demons which are our main race of Nightwalkers. They are basically those who are in tune with Mother Nature in a way that everyone is representative of an element. Jacob, is an Earth demon and is strongly connected to the Earth as a whole. Frank makes her distinction of the sexes by making demons of the same element possessing different attributes according to male or female. For example, a female demon of the mind is not telepathic, but more empathetic.

Why is Jacob a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’? Frank safely opens the series with heavy heavy emphasis on her two lead characters and lots of emotions run amuck. The plot is thin at best and entire story centers around Jacob and the other demons looking for a reason as to why Isabella, a human, temps Jacob so. Again, plot is meager at best.

Jacob, the Enforcer, is ingrained with the important duty of keeping his race in line whenever the full moon comes out. The reason being that in times of the full moon, demons sometimes falter and seek out humans. A rule of the demons is that they must live in harmony, though separately, from humans and it falls to Jacob’s shoulders that no harm comes to any human. On one night, during the time of the moon, Jacob is out hunting a possessed demon and comes across Isabella. In a twist of events, Jacob saves Isabella, who in turn, saves him back. To figure out how she could possibly do what she did, Jacob whisks her away to his home to solve the puzzle. The problem? Jacob, the one who is said to be beyond temptation, is drawn to Isabella. Oh, did I mention that it’s a big no-no for demon/human sex?

So far, I’ve made it seem that this is a ‘not worthy of a read’ sort of book. No. It’s actually one of my favorites. Why? It’s the best to fall back on when you just want to read some good ol’ interaction between the hero/heroine that just makes you want to sink into a puddle of good feelings. The constant emotions and the battle of them makes it a delightful read. Definitely not one to read for plot, it is however, a book to read if you like a hero who’ll go to any lengths to protect the woman he loves. Wonderfully protective, slightly possessive, Jacob is a typical yummy hero that comes to mind when thinking of the genre of romance.

For all my love of the books with a good mystery, a bad guy out for blood, and a hero totting a gun, Jacob is one of my eternal fall-back books when I’m not in the mood to think about the story too much. When all I want is some emotion and palpable love between the characters, Jacob is the perfect remedy.

4.5 out of 5: Purely because of the emotions. This book has appealed to my personal tastes and that is the reasoning for the higher rating. The plot is not intricate but the delicious connection between Jacob and Bella are enough to make me want to pick this book up from time to time just for the hell of it. A definite re-read. And yes, my copy is indeed dog-eared.